Presidency Budget

It will only be possible to assess the overall costs of the Czech Presidency once it is has come to an end; nevertheless, the planned central budget for the preparation of the Presidency and its execution is 1,9 billion crowns from the General Treasury Administration, which is, moreover, outside of the current budgets of the individual ministries.

This budget is planned for the period from 2007 to 2009; of that amount 1 billion is assigned for 2009 for the course of the Presidency itself. Although it is difficult to attempt an international comparison, we can say that this amount is comparable to the expenditures of such countries as Slovenia, Finland or Austria, that spent sums ranging from 65 to 85 million euros for the organisation of their Presidencies. Converted at the current exchange rate, the expected expenditures for the Czech Presidency amount to 73 million euros. France’s expenditures are expected to reach up to twice that amount (190 million euros).

The funds of the General Treasury Administration will cover, for example, rent payments for permanent conference premises, where most of the meetings on various levels will be held, as well as rents for conference premises in the regions, for informal ministerial EU Council meetings. Furthermore, these funds are designated for accreditation payments, operational costs of the website, promotion of the Presidency at home and abroad, interpreting, conference equipment, refreshments at informal ministerial meetings and other meetings on the highest-level, as well as for obtaining gift items for foreign delegates and for the opening and closing cultural events held by the Presidency in Prague and Brussels.

A significant portion of the budget will be used for security arrangements for the meetings and for payments relating to the organisation of two formal European Councils to be held in 2009 in Brussels.

Another portion of the General Treasury Administration funds is designated to cover the increase in expenditures at embassies or staff reinforcements at state offices in the Czech Republic and abroad. For instance, the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU in Brussels will grow due to the Presidency by approximately one hundred people, who were hired already in 2008. All these positions (a total of 365 active positions) will be gradually terminated no later than by the end of 2009.
In 2007 and 2008 in particular, funds from the General Treasury Administration were also devoted to the institutional training of employees through the State Administration Institute at the Ministry of the Interior.

Certain activities of the Presidency are paid for directly by individual ministries. This is also a usual practice in other EU countries. The individual ministries finance, for example, interpreting and catering at official meetings, the accompanying programme at ministerial events, foreign business trips or the rent of meeting rooms and conference services for official meetings, in case the permanent conference centre is not used, as well as for the accommodation of VIP guests. In 2007 and 2008, the ministries covered the costs of language and professional training for their staff. These sums, however, cannot be calculated in detail yet and the detailed figures will only be available after the Presidency.

Other financial resources that will support the Czech Presidency include the funding of interpreting at five informal Councils held in the Czech Republic by the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU, and the support for several professional conferences held in cooperation with the European Commission, directly from the European Commission sources.

During the Presidency, our partners will also contribute their services and goods (e.g., the supply of mineral water, courier services, and certain technical services or supplies) which they will provide free of charge.  In return, they will be granted the status of a partner of the Czech Presidency by the Office of the Government.  In addition, Škoda a.s. and Import Volkswagen Group s.r.o. will provide cars to the Presidency for the transportation of important delegates for one Czech crown.  Financial sponsoring will not be applied centrally, but the organisers of certain accompanying events of the Presidency will most likely use this type of sponsoring on a case-by-case basis.

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