Central Bohemia Region

  • Official nameStředočeský kraj (Central Bohemian Region)  
  • Population: 1,201,827
  • Area11,016 km2
  • Number of municipalities1146, of which 80 are towns
  • NUTS IIROP Central Bohemia

The region is considered to be the heart of Bohemia, not only because of its location. It was in Central Bohemia that the oldest settlements were discovered and many historically important events took place.

To this day, Central Bohemia stands out with its many natural treasures and a large number of significant cultural and architectural monuments. The uniqueness and diversity of the region, which surrounds the Czech capital city on all sides, attracts more and more tourists, who regard it as the one of the most attractive destinations in all of Central Europe.

BrdyThose who plan to see the nature of Central Bohemia can enjoy five protected natural reserves, each with its own unique character. From a naturalist’s point of view, the most valuable reserve is Křivoklátsko, a biosphere reservation listed by UNESCO. Other natural treasures can also be found in the Bohemian Karst, around Kokořínsko, Blaník or in Bohemian Paradise, which belongs to a UNESCO network of geoparks.

Charming coves abound in the meanders of all local rivers, ponds and reservoirs. The largest and also the best known Central Bohemian rivers – Berounka, Labe (Elbe), Jizera, Vltava (Moldau) and Sázava – are very popular among fishermen and sportsmen alike. Water sports enthusiasts also enjoy the beauties of Slapy and Orlík reservoirs, which have all facilities to make a stay enjoyable, from a range of accommodation choices to equipment rental locations.

More than 4.000 points of interest

Svatý Jan pod SkalouAdmirers of cultural and architectural monuments will enjoy more than four thousand two hundred points of interest. The most visited sites in the region include Karlštejn, Křivoklát and Kokořín Castles; Konopiště, Kačina or Veltrusy Chateaux, the unique ecclesiastical architecture of St. Barbora Cathedral in Kutná Hora and the pilgrimage complex at Svatá Hora in Příbram. Nearly all of Central Bohemia’s towns retained medieval architecture, which gives them a unique atmosphere. The most impressive of these is the historic centre of Kutná Hora, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, in 1995. Other historical towns in Central Bohemia, noted for their sites, include Mělník, Beroun, Kolín and the Poděbrady spas.

Regional projects

In addition to its natural and cultural heritage, the region boasts a variety of successful projects. The most interesting among them have been selected by the region itself.

Extended telephone assistance on a distress line

The result of the project was the preparation, creation, accreditation and pilot verification of an educational course for operators of distress telephone lines, operated by rescue services, with extended application for operators of other units of the Integrated Rescue System and operators of various counselling, crisis and “trust” telephone lines.

Knights of Blaník Area

The aim of the project supported by a grant was to create and put to practice a concept for the promotion of a newly defined tourist area within Central Bohemia – the Knights of Blaník Area – on the basis of a low-impact development of tourism friendly to the environment and the local population.

Communication technologies in terms of public administration and local government

The project reacts to the development of modern communication technologies and their potential use for the development of municipalities. The project created four new thematic training courses, directed at the newest forms of communication technologies, and which are designated for the education of local government officers in the region.

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European Office, Central Bohemia Region – Czech Republic
84, av. d´Auderghem
1040 Bruxelles
tel.: + 32 2 734 96 86
fax: + 32 2 734 96 87


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