South Moravian Region

  • Official name: Jihomoravský kraj (South Moravian Region)
  • Population: approximately 1,130,000
  • Area: 7,196.5 km2
  • Number of municipalities: 673, of which 48 are towns
  • NUTS II: South-East

South Moravia can pride itself on no less than four places on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the largest vineyards in the Czech Republic or its unique karst system. The region, which borders Austria and Slovakia, is home to a wealth of history, beautiful and diverse nature, historical monuments, excellent Moravian wine and lively folk traditions.

MikulovFour historically significant territories, which were taken under the protective wing of the UNESCO, are located close to one another in the region. Two of them are listed on the World Heritage List: the cultural landscape of the Lednice-Valtice complex, a romantic landscape containing numerous small buildings between two larger chateaux, and the Tugendhat Villa in Brno – built in the first half of the 20th century as a paragon of functionalism.

UNESCO also sponsors two adjacent biosphere reservations, the Lower Morava Basin and the White Carpathian Mountains. Another unique item, which was recently added to the UNESCO Heritage List, is “verbuňk”, a male folk dance originally from Moravian Slovakia.

Karst caves with underground river

The region features many extraordinary natural sites such as Podyji National Park, which encompasses the meandering Dyje River with its high, forested, rocky banks or the Moravian Karst with its karst caves and the Macocha Abyss with the underground Punkva River.

The South Moravian metropolis of Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, offers a wide variety of historical and architectural sites. In addition to the above-mentioned Tugendhat Villa, these include the dominant Sts. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral or Špilberk Castle. The city’s historical centre abounds in significant institutions such as theatres, galleries, a university campus and the South Moravian Innovation Centre. Brno is also known for its international fairs and an international airport.

Battle of Three Emperors

Mound of PeaceThe famous Austerlitz battleground, the place where the Battle of Three Emperors took place in 1805, is located near the city. Each year the battleground comes alive with festivals commemorating this famous battle, including historical shows and re-enactments. 

South Moravia also abounds in vineyards. More than ninety-six percent of all Czech vineyards are located here, providing grapes for excellent wine. Another characteristic of the entire region that cannot be overlooked are its lively folk traditions. A wide variety of brightly coloured folk costumes, dances, songs and handicrafts are not merely an ingredient in numerous folklore festivals, but remain a part everyday life.

Tasting moravian wines

RuprechtovActive recreation lovers will find a large number of cycle tracks as well as marked hiking and nature trails criss-crossing the region, which often feature various aspects of wine-making and its tradition and, in many cases, actually include the possibility of tasting the wines. Golf is also enjoying significant development in the region; in addition to the two 18-hole golf courses in Slavkov and Kořenec, there is also a 27-hole course in Jinačovice. After-sport relaxation is provided in a newly opened spa with balneotherapy in Lednice and the renovated Hodonín spa. Conference tourism also forms an integral part of Moravian tourism.

The Masaryk circuit track in Brno, the venue of a number of motorcycle and car races, includes the prestigious Czech Grand Prix for motorcycles. 

Regional projects

In addition to its natural and cultural heritage, the region boasts a variety of successful projects. The most interesting among them have been selected by the region itself.

Biotechnology incubator

The project creates favourable conditions for the establishment and development of a centre for biotechnology-related enterprises in the South Moravian Region, thanks to construction and subsequent operation of the INBIT incubator, which will focus on supporting biotechnology enterprises.

Cyclotourism portal

This project built a tourist information system focused on cyclotourism; it provides complete information on the preparation, realisation and possibilities for financing the construction of bicycle routes. The project promotes cyclotourism, publicises and presents a variety of tourist activities in the region connected with various routes, and will include information kiosks along the border with Lower Austria. 

Tourism in South Moravia

This project improved the availability of information on tourist attractions and the provision of services in the various tourist regions within South Moravia. It also promotes cooperation among businesses and organisations active in tourism, among several tourist information centres and the South Moravian Region in promoting tourism.

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