Ústí nad Labem Region

  • Official nameÚstecký kraj (Ústí nad Labem Region)
  • Area5,335 km2
  • Population843,462
  • Number of municipalities354, of which 53 are towns
  • NUTS IINorth-West

This region played a significant role in the Czech history. According to a legend, the first Slavs settled on the territory of what is now the Ústí nad Labem Region, on Mount Říp, after their migration to their new homeland. To this day, this monument of Czech mythology attracts thousands of visitors from the Czech Republic and even from abroad.

ŘípThe Ústí nad Labem Region, distinguished by its diversity both in terms of natural conditions and economic structure, population density and the environment, is located in northwest Bohemia. Its longest common border is shared with the German federal state of Saxony to the northwest.

Due to its rich settlement history, the region boasts a large number of historic monuments. Some of the best known are: the Romanesque Rotunda at Říp, the Gothic church in Most, the Baroque chateau in Duchcov, the monasteries in Osek and Doksany and the chateaux in Ploskovice and Libochovice. Litoměřice, Úštěk and Terezín have been declared urban conservation zones; Roudnice nad Labem has a protected historic city centre. Several villages in the Litoměřice area have also been designated rural conservation zones.

Porta Bohemica

DuchcovThe best known natural treasures of the region include Bohemian Switzerland National Park with the Pravčická Gate, the elegant route of the Labe River with Porta Bohemica, rock formations in Tiská and in Bohemian Switzerland and many others. The region also has much to offer to sport enthusiasts. There are modern horseback riding grounds, a car racing circuit and golf courses, all in the town of Most. The region is also criss-crossed by several bicycle routes, one of which should connect Prague and Dresden in the future. The Krušné and Lužické Mountains offer great conditions for skiing.

In recent years many forms of cross-border cooperation are developing in the region. One of these is the Labe Euroregion, which covers an area of 5,500 km2 with 1.4 million inhabitants. The region encompasses 214 Czech and 63 Saxon municipalities. This area covers a part of northern Bohemia, Saxon Switzerland, part of the Upper Labe Basin and the East Krušné Mountains. Another similar project is the Krušnohoří Euroregion, which includes 72 municipalities in the Chomutov, Most, Louny and Teplice districts. The greatest benefits come from joint projects, especially in transport, services, tourism, culture and environmental protection.

Regional projects

In addition to its natural and cultural heritage, the region boasts a variety of successful projects. The most interesting among them have been selected by the region itself:

The Ústí nad Labem Cyclist Portal

The project aims to develop a cyclist portal for the region. It will present bicycle routes in the Ústí nad Labem Region and also connecting routes in Saxony. The website will also provide information on accompanying services for cyclists in the vicinity of the routes – such as rental and bicycle service shops, accommodation and boarding and information on various points of interest along the routes. The portal will provide information on cycling opportunities in the border area of the Czech Republic and Germany. It will be presented in German and Czech and promoted in both countries.

Bezručovo Valley – building of bicycle routes

The project focused on the building of a bicycle route of about one and a half kilometres long. Building of the route was the next phase in implementing the Study for Bicycle Routes Building in the Chomutov Area, which plans to interconnect all routes in the city and its vicinity.

Bilingual Dictionary for the Integrated Rescue System

At the end of 2007, the Ústí nad Labem Region and the Krušnohoří Euroregion managed to complete a bilingual dictionary for members of the Integrated Rescue System in the Ústí nad Labem Region. According to representatives of the Krušnohoří Euroregion and the state district of Mittlerer Erzgebirskreis the project was successfully implemented as a small cross-border project within the framework of the EU Interreg III A grant scheme by the Mittlerer Erzgebirskreis District Authority and the Regional Authority in Ústí nad Labem. The dictionary contains five thousand entries in both languages and will be a great help in day-to-day operations of rescue squad members. Printing 1,500 volumes cost CZK 160,000 and was paid for by the Ústí nad Labem Region. The members of the ambulance service, mountain rescue service, water and air rescue squads or the firemen and policemen on both sides of the border now have the help necessary to assist them in understanding each other.

Reference links:

Official website: www.kr-ustecky.cz/EN
Cyclist portal: cykloportal.kr-ustecky.cz
Representation in Brussels, mail: brusselsoffice@kr-ustecky.cz

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