The President of the Republic is the head of state. He serves as a representative to the world, embodying the Czech Republic’s domestic and international sovereignty.

The President of the Republic assumes office by making an oath to the chairperson of the Chamber of Deputies at a joint session of both chambers. The President's term of office is five years. No one may be elected more than twice in succession. Any citizen who is eligible for the Senate (anyone who is at least forty years old) may be elected President of the Republic. 

The President appoints and dissolves the Government and accepts the resignation of the Government or members thereof. He convenes and dissolves the Chamber of Deputies. The President of the Republic is part of the legislative process. He has the right of veto, i.e. he is entitled to return passed laws (apart from constitutional laws) to the Parliament. He concludes the legislative process by signing laws that have been passed.

The President holds important powers in relation to the judiciary. He appoints judges and is entitled to grant amnesties. He also appoints members of the Czech National Bank Board.

The President of the Republic represents the state in external relations, negotiates and ratifies international treaties, receives heads of diplomatic missions and appoints and dismisses heads of Czech diplomatic missions. The President is the chief commander of the armed forces and has the right to appoint and promote generals. The President confers and awards state decorations, unless he authorizes another authority to do so.

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