Festivals of Czech Theatre

Theatre of European Regions

This festival is the result of Hradec Králové theatre enthusiasts’ desire to get together with the surrounding world and celebrate theatre in all its forms. The ten-day event is regularly visited by around sixty thousand people.

Plzeň International Theatre Festival

The aim of the Plzeň (Pilsen) festival is to present exceptional and noteworthy foreign productions as well as a selection of Czech productions, drawn from a broad range in terms of their topic, style, and genre (plays and musical, dance, puppet, and street theatre). Over 120 ensembles from sixteen countries have appeared since it began.

Tanec Praha (Dance Prague)

The history of the Tanec Praha festival dates back to 1989, but it was not until a year later that a fully-fledged festival of modern dance could be developed. The event has had foreign participation since its inception.

Skupa’s Plzeň

Skupa’s Plzeň was first held in 1967, to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the birth and the tenth anniversary of the death, of Josef Skupa, the “father” of Spejbl and Hurvínek. Since 1970, the festival has been structured as a review of Czech professional puppet theatres, and it is gradually achieving foreign recognition and attracting participators.

Spectaculo interesse

The international biennale – the SPECTACULO INTERESSE puppet festival – has been organised by the Ostrava Puppet Theatre since 1995.

Festival of the Opera Music Theatre

The Festival of the OPERA Music Theatre is the country’s largest review of the best operatic performances staged by Czech and Moravian ensembles. It has been held in Prague every other year since 1993. The right to participate extends to every professional theatre in the Czech Republic that has an operatic ensemble. The festival serves to promote Czech operatic theatre and express its cohesion and uniqueness.

Doors Open for the Brno Music Theatre

Doors Open (Dokořán) is an international festival of musical theatre, held since 2004 by the Brno Municipal Theatre.

Setkání / Stretnutie (Encounter)

This festival focuses on dramaturgical novelties, the first staging of the text of a drama, adaptations, and original dramatic works on Czech and Slovak stages. The Encounter is organised by the Zlín Municipal Theatre.

Setkání / Encounter

Setkání/Encounter is an International Festival of Theatre Schools. The initiator of the event is the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno.

4 + 4 Days in Motion 

This festival has been held since 1996, with the aim of presenting innovative contemporary theatre projects. Every year, some twenty ensembles from all over the world perform here. This festival’s particular character comes from breathing new life into Prague’s architectural monuments, with theatre, and by presenting international projects in whose production the association cooperates. The festival’s projects include all kinds of contemporary art (theatre, dance, music, fine arts, film, as well as video art).

Summer Letná

A festival of new circus, movement theatre, clownery and visual art, Summer Letná has been held annually on Prague’s Letná Plain since 2004.

Mezi ploty - Between Fences

The popular festival Mezi ploty is organised annually at several venues throughout the Czech Republic. For example, in Prague, it is held on the premises of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital. It brings together music, theatre, and artistic workshops.

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