Press Centres

The Czech EU Presidency is setting up facilities for journalists – press centres – at each informal ministerial meeting venue in Prague (Prague Congress Centre – South Hall) and in the regions.

Press centres will be put up near the meeting rooms so that journalists have the conditions they need to process information quickly. Press facilities will include radio and television booths to receive a signal from the host broadcaster service providers.

As far as possible, and depending on the number of accredited journalists, press centres will have ample workstations. They will be equipped with numerous computers wired to the Internet, phones, faxes, printers and photocopiers. Notebooks can be connected to broadband Internet via an RJ45, and Wi-Fi will also be available. Workstations will be fitted with a 220V outlet.
During press centre opening hours, complimentary refreshments will be available for media representatives (coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, sandwiches or fruit). During the day, buffet lunches will also be served to media representatives on the premises.

Detailed information about press centre services and services for journalists at individual meeting venues (e.g. press centres opening hours, programme, transport and accommodation, and parking facilities) will be published on seven days before the meeting.

Detailed information about media accreditation, official photographers and the Czech Presidency’s host broadcaster can be found in specialised sections under Media Service.
For more information, please contact us on the numbers provided under Media Contacts.

Last update: 16.8.2011 16:03

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