Presidency Drawing Contest: Children Awarded Prizes by Alexandr Vondra

Today children from all over the Czech Republic headed for the Straka Academy to meet the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs. Mr Vondra awarded prizes to them for their success in the ‘Best Presidency Postcard’ contest.

‘The idea behind this contest was to arouse the interest of the youngest citizens, but we were also curious. We wondered how the children would grasp this complex theme. The result is, in my view, a pleasant surprise,’ says Alexandr Vondra, Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs. Altogether, the children, divided into two age categories, drew 645 original pictures on the following themes: ‘For six months, the Czech Republic becomes captain of the European team’ and ‘The Czech lion cub as king of the European safari’. The contest involved 73 primary schools from all over the Czech Republic, as well as a dozen individuals. The Czech EU Presidency Section of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic launched the ‘Best Czech Presidency Postcard’ contest in May 2008.

The winning pictures were selected by a committee composed of officials from the Office of the Government and experts. Having carefully evaluated and compared all pictures, the committee chose 21 winning postcards, 13 of which will be available for download and sending on the Presidency website – – in the ‘Children on the Presidency’ section.

Winners of the Contest for the Best Czech EU Presidency Postcard       
Category I (pupils aged 6–11):

Marie Horvathová, Ostrava-Poruba Primary School
Veronika Petříková, Ostrava-Poruba Primary School
Tomáš Očenášek, Ostrava-Poruba Primary School
Barbora Žaludová, Ostrava-Poruba Primary School
Denisa Čermáková, Ohrada Primary School, Vsetín
Daniel Preisler, Ohrada Primary School, Vsetín
Michal Obr, Ohrada Primary School, Vsetín
Jitka Šlinzová, Ohrada Primary School, Vsetín
Kristýna Bajerová, Křižanov Primary School and Kindergarten
Veronika Melicherová, Opava-Vrchní Primary School and Kindergarten
Jan Kala, Svitavy Primary School
Filip Kroček, Ostrava-Poruba Primary School
David Sladký, Karel Svolinský Primary School, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem
Klárka Toflová, Karel Svolinský Primary School, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem

Category II (pupils aged 12–15):

Lukáš Novák, Dobřichovice Children’s Home and Primary School
Lucie Exnerová, Dobřichovice Children’s Home and Primary School
Jaroslava Loušová, Dobřichovice Children’s Home and Primary School
Filip Hanák, Vítkov Primary School
Eliška Volková, Ohrada Primary School, Vsetín
Karolína Holečková
, V Domcích Primary School, Trutnov
Ondřej Doležal
, Ždírec nad Doubravou Primary School and Kindergarten

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