Public Safety Communication Forum

  • Datum: 21.5.2009 — 22.5.2009
  • Místo: Praha, Česká republika
  • Kategorie: Konference a semináře
  • Organizátor: T-SOFT (Top Solution For Tomorrow)


The Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) provides a common platform for researchers, industry and users to meet and network, learn about communication technologies and information systems used for public safety and influence policy makers at European level.

PSCE aims at improving provision of public safety services and the safety of the citizens of Europe and of the rest of the world during crisis and emergency situations.

At its meeting on 21-22 of May 2009 in Prague, hosted by the Czech Presidency of the European Union, PSCE reaffirmed its commitment to continue to liaise with EU institutions as an autonomous and permanent organisation.

Guy Weets, its president said that” Established in 2006 under the auspices and with EU funding that are now terminated, PSCE has decided to continue to offer this unique opportunity for all Public Safety stakeholders to discuss and agree on major technical challenges and to play an interactive role with the EU institutions on questions relating to the protection of persons and property”.

During the Prague meeting, two major policy documents were presented and will be the foundation of future actions and discussions with the European Commission:

  • A Research and Development Roadmap for Public Safety Communication which identifies key technologies items for future public safety communication
  • An harmonized user requirement   

More information on PSCE web site:

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