Minister of Justice welcomes EU experts at international conference “e-Justice without Barriers” in Prague

More than 300 experts from the EU will present their national solutions in the area of digitising the judicial system during the conference “e-Justice without Barriers”.

The objective of the conference is to exchange experiences with introduction of modern communication technologies to the European judicial system. The motto “e-Justice without Barriers”, as a priority of the Czech Presidency, represents a unified system of electronic judicial system in the whole of the EU. The conference is held on 17 – 18 February 2009 in the Prague Congress Centre. At the conference representatives of the Ministry of Justice will introduce the technical solution of the Czech insolvency register and the topic of reliable computing background for Czech justice.

During the first day of the conference the delegates will discuss particularly the planned European e-Justice portal. “This project will be the trademark of European e-Justice for the general public. In the future, it should become a uniform access point to European and national legislation for citizens and legal entities, legal professionals and judicial authorities in the Member States. Above all, we can expect the Internet portal to increase the efficiency of cross-border legal proceedings and facilitate access to legal information from other Member States. The first version should be launched already in December 2009,” Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil introduced the project.

Experts from individual countries will present the pilot projects currently functioning between the Member States that are expected to continue under the auspices of the European portal, to their colleagues. Contributions on the topics of solutions of integration of insolvency registers, a pilot project of electronic processing of the agenda of the European order for payment procedure, solutions in the area of electronic forms and digitisation of the legislation process will be presented. The representatives of Estonia and Portugal will introduce their pilot project that enables online establishment of commercial companies.

“Beside the Member States the European portal e-Justice is technically processed and financially secured also by the European Commission. Personally, I am very optimistic and I would like this project to succeed. It will be appreciated not only by lawyers but also all EU citizens. Therefore, I thank the Czech Presidency for its contribution to the unification of the European judicial system. We are prepared to support these projects financially and technically”, pledged Vice-President of the European Commission Jacques Barrot.
On Wednesday 18 February the conference will be divided into two parallel sections. In the first section the experts will address the support and facilitation of efficient use of videoconferencing in cross-border legal proceedings. This means, for instance, that a Czech judge could hear a witness who is abroad, which would significantly save time and resources in comparison to the current proceedings. Last but not least, the utilisation of videoconferencing often results in reducing stressful situations for witnesses, children in particular. This project should lead to the creation of electronic order applications for cross-border videoconferences and it should also indicate models of implementation by the Czech courts.
In the European Parliament we have always felt that we are good at tearing down barriers relating to commerce and the mobility of persons. However, we have been less successful in eliminating the borders that prevent citizens from getting access to the judicial system. This will be provided by e-Justice. The European Parliament welcomes the activities of the Czech Presidency and we will monitor the direction in which e-Justice will evolve,” stated Diana Wallis, Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Another objective of the conference is to exchange experiences in the area of data protection on the European portal. The research in this area is led particularly by experts from Germany, and Czech legal experts are among the representatives of other participating Member States.


  • Petra Střítecká, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice for the Czech EU Presidency 
  • tel.: +420 221 997 261, mobile: +420 737 247 353;

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