European Conference on Youth

  • Date: 12.3.2009 — 13.3.2009
  • Venue: Prague - Czech Republic
  • Category: Conferences and Seminars
  • Theme: Education, Youth and Culture

On 11 – 14 March Prague will host the European Conference on Youth, the main topic of which is Volunteers and Mobility. The conference is organised by the Czech National Children and Youth Institute (Národní institut dětí a mládeže) under the authority of and in close cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and features among the official events taking place on the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council.

Although many people in the Czech Republic seem to think otherwise, today’s modern society could no longer do without voluntary unpaid work organised for the major part by non-profit organisations. Voluntary work is a great enrichment to all persons involved, e.g. by giving them an opportunity to enhance their professional experience. That is why in other countries, this type of work attracts also people of high social status regardless of age.

However, voluntary work is also related to mobility – at least in Europe, which is currently going through a process of integration, and even more so as regards young people. After all, it is young people who set off to gather experience, often in the form of voluntary work, and many of them are headed abroad. Volunteers working in different countries gain key abilities boosting their chances to assert themselves in society, which is particularly important to young people with limited opportunities. The European Conference on Youth thus offers an excellent opportunity for the expert public from the whole of Europe to discuss ways of facilitating these activities for everybody as much as possible.

Main objectives of the conference

  • To create space for efficient exchange of opinions on the relevant topics among young activists, researches and political representatives;
  • To map the existing youth volunteer programmes (on regional, national and international level, organised by the non-profit sector or state authorities) and to secure their potential for developing into trans-national programmes;
  • To identify obstacles and barriers for trans-national youth volunteer activities and to propose solutions for overcoming them;
  • To propose a common strategy and detailed action plans for strengthening Europe’s young volunteers in terms of quality as well as quantity.

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